Beerpainting, a new street art form made with beer bottles

A little shift of panorama in these difficult times. We present these artists who create the Beerpainting, graffiti with beer bottles. Find out here.

In Mulhouse, in the east of France, some walls are already witness to this art. This collective of artists called NAART BEERPAINTING formed by Nicolas Thollot-Arsac and Alexandre Caillarec, baptized their style as they paint with beer bottles.

Beerpainting, a new street art form made with beer bottles




They practice this art made with the technique of pointillism with the pick of the bottles. And for the last 5 years they have been exhibiting their art even in the great capitals of the United States.

The artists were already working on other projects and while discussing with a few beers in hand they came up with the idea. “We drank beers while working on a project, we had pots of paint on the floor next to the bottles and we said to ourselves, why not soak the picks to make prints,” explains Nicolas Thollot-Arsac. “Thirty minutes later we had a first portrait, and the next month we were exhibiting in Paris. Smiling, the artist reveals to 20Minuteswe invented beerpainting“.

Both artists studied together mural painting at the École nationale supérieure des arts appliqués et des métiers d’arts school in Paris. Since then, their art is exhibited in France, and abroad, such as in London, Barcelona, and Miami. And soon in New York.

Nicolas explains that small glass bottles with a thick neck and spout favour the practice of this art. “We have worked with different brands, sometimes with a sponsorship of beer brands. However, the size of the spout is always the same, no matter what the brand. But we usually collect from the street, it allows us to recycle as well.”

This art requires a lot of patience and time, it can take hours, “I paint 10 hours a day”, says Nicolas. That’s why they prefer not very heavy bottles as it can hurt the arm. Besides, of mastering the technique by hitting a wall without breaking the bottle. “In one minute I can hit 200 or 300 times.” Nicolas claims that this is the new era of pointillism, calling it “pointillism 2.0”.


You can follow the art of NAART BEERPAINTING on their social networks:

Instagram: @naartbeerpainting

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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