Bella Mossa: the app that gives you free beer for riding a bicycle

In Bologna an application was developed to encourage the use of transportation and cycling: Bella Mossa offers you free beer or ice cream!

One more reason to stop polluting! Urban planner Marco Amadori is behind this invention, Bella Mossa, to promote more environmentally friendly routes in the city of Bologna. More than 100 companies participate in the exchange project resulting in improvement of air quality and the economy.

The system has been productive. In fact, figures reveal that in 2017 the application registered 3 500 000 KM of eco-displacement by users in the city. Today the application has more than 5,000 users who have claimed the famous rewards of beer or ice cream for their responsible journeys.


How does Bella Mossa work?

The user must enter the journeys made, either by bicycle or public transport through the Better Points application. Then, beers, ice cream or other rewards can be exchanged by the points accumulated for each trip. The application shows the amount of carbon dioxide saved from your journey and also compares your progress with other users.

So, if you are passing through Bologna, do not hesitate to do a good to our environment and taste a good Italian beer.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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