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Quiz: test your knowledge about beer with this online quiz

How much do you know about beer? The Brag has published an online quiz where you can test your knowledge about beer.

The quiz contains questions about general beer culture – it’s not limited to one country, for example, and they’re a bit far-fetched! We have made this quiz ourselves and we can say that it teaches a lot about facts that we don’t all know.

Many things must be considered in order to also declare ourselves beer connoisseurs. For example, the correct way to serve a beer. Or why rinse the glass before pouring a beer? The foam also plays a role and is due to several factors.

Or the exact origin of the beer, in addition to the fact that it is said to be one of the first foods transformed by humans.

Whatever the case, you can only test your knowledge of beer in this particular quiz.

Do the quiz it here.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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