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Toast this summer with the best French beers

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Hot temperatures and cool beers are a good combination. These are the best French beers to taste during the summer.


Pale Ale Beer: Le Cristal I.P.A

La Brasserie du Mont Blanc creates this very refreshing beer for its mint aroma, and helps to cool down from heat. Its subtle aromas give the nose a magnificent floral bouquet with citrus notes.


White Type Beer: Blanche Bio Vélezay

A lightness in the mouth provided by its Bavarian recipe of 1516: exclusively water, malt and hops. It is a highly fermented beer without pasteurisation or filtration. Its taste in the mouth varies from spicy to toasted with a subtle bitterness.


Blonde Beer: Moulins d’Ascq

With a smooth foam, Moulins d’Ascq beer is round and long on the palate with notes of honey and cereals. You will feel a very good balance between freshness and slight bitterness. Perfect for a couple on the beach.


Flavored White Beer: Frog Beer Apricot Wheat

The Frog Beer Brewery brought out a line of fruity beers. Among them, the Apricot Wheat. White beer with apricot brings together the flavors of yeast and cereals with its fruity heart. Excellent refreshing and gourmet.


Gluten-free beer

And for more lightness, comes the Brittany beer Dremmwel, winner of the award for best gluten-free beer in the world. The beer rewarded by the 2018 World Beer Awards offers the palate a fruity and toasted experience. Round in the mouth, with caramel and black fruit flavors.


Beer for thirst

If you’re looking for real beer to quench your thirst, Plein Soleil #2 has the answer. It is the ideal beer for the summer because it calms the thirst being very fruity and light. Its notes of bitterness are perfectly balanced and accentuated to refresh you.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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