the right way to serve a beer

Learn the right way to serve a beer

Serving a beer is not a simple task. It’s an art and it has its method. We show you the right way to serve a beer so you can become a master brewer!

To begin with it is necessary to control the temperature of the beer, that is to say, that your beer will have to be either to 2º or 3º or to 6º or 8º. These degrees depend on the type of beer, the first corresponding to beers of low fermentation and the second to beers of high fermentation. One thing you should know is that the colder a beer is, the less bitter it will be. You can then control the temperature of your beer for a particular taste.

Then you will have to apply the technique of inclination of the glass and bottle. The glass should be inclined at 45º. Serve the beer without shaking, try to keep the bottle as firm as possible. Above all, do not stick the beak of the bottle to the glass, or make contact with the beer served, for this, maintain a careful distance between the glass and the bottle.

To finish serving, you will straighten the glass little by little as you finish filling it. The foam is very important and is an indication of a correct serving. It is recommended to achieve a foam thickness of between 2 and 3 cm.


Now you know the right way to serve a beer!

It is your turn to become a master brewer to taste any type of beer correctly. While you are tasting more beers you will know the particularities of each one, which will allow you to appreciate its aromas according to the type of glass you use, for example.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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