These are the 6 best bourbon of the year 2019

Photo by Cameron Michael Smith from Pexels

We show you these six bourbon brands that make news by being selected as the best bourbon whiskey of the year.

The San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2019 revealed the best bourbon of the year according to its judges.

The acclaimed World Spirits Competition 2019 awarded the best whiskey award to Henry Mckenna. This 10-year-old bourbon straight is produced by the Heaven Hill distillery in Kentucky founded by an Irish immigrant in 1855. The awards were Best Show in Whiskey, Best Single Barrel Bourbon, Double Gold and Best Bourbon.

Another whiskey recognized among the best is Traverse City Whiskey Co. The American whiskey comes from Michigan and won Best Small Batch Bourbon. This same category awarded another whiskey not older than five years: Redemption Wheated Bourbon. And also a whiskey 11 years and older: Barrel Bourbon Batch 018.

Continuing the categories, there is one that awards the prize to the best bourbon according to its aging in barrel. Belle Meade Bourbon is a sour whiskey recipe, aged in their special honey barrel. The whiskey aged in old honey barrels from a local producer.

And the award for Best Straight Whisky…Ezra Brooks 7 Year Barrel Proof Bourbon.



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