sake Tokubetsu Junmai

For sake lovers, Suigei Tokubetsu Junmai “Drunken Whale”

You want to upgraded your homemade bar with a “home” sake, and you can’t find it… Suigei offers this versatile Tokubetsu Junmai sake, perfect for pairing with meals.

Suigei produces “Drunken Whale” Tokubetsu Junmai sake from 55% Seimaibuai rice (inner part of the grain). Its finish is limpid and unexpected, with a taste of dry and mild tendency and a level of acidity of 1.6.

It combines perfectly with foods such as meat, crustaceans and fish, poultry and cheese. In Unamimart you can find recipes to accompany your sake. It is recommended to serve this sake from a porcelain pitcher, and drink it in an Old Fashioned glass or in a cup of traditional bull’s eye sake.

You can find Drunken Whale in 720 ml (24 fl oz) presentation and it comes in an amber bottle with a delicate label with Japanese style whale design.

Suigei invites you to enjoy the sake lifestyle with more refined sakes and shochu and other liqueurs.


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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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