Design liqueur glasses by Nikke Hagen


Scandinavian contemporary furniture and accessories design brand Normann Copenhagen showcases designer Rikke Hagen’s original liqueur glass set.

The design of this glass allows us to hold it in the palm of our hand and interlock our fingers at the spherical tip of the base. Cognac lovers know that the more we heat the drink, the more it will express the subtlety and complexity of its aromas. But in turn it will only allow them to evaporate. Hence, for these glasses we recommend alcohols like pear liqueur or brandy.

Another special feature of the glass is the material, which is made of mouth blown glass.

Designer Rikke Hagen says she “wanted the glass to give the user a feeling of a gentleman’s study and at the same time, the sense of calmness you get when you e.g. fondle a stone

Rikke Hagen graduated from the Danish School of Design, Glassware and Ceramics in 1998. From 1998 to 2008 Rikke Hagen owned a unique glass workshop, where she produced her own limited editions in glass. (Normann Copenhagen)


Ne buvez pas au volant. Consommez avec modération.


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