Subtle Canadian gin liqueur based on maple syrup

The Wabasso distillery proves that it makes good use of the delicious Canadian maple syrup in the spirits next to the gin.


Bourgeon: Canadian gin liqueur

The Wabasso distillery, in Trois Rivières, Quebec, specializes in the production of London Dry Gin. But lately they have launched Bourgeon, a gin liquor created with gin from the distillery and maple syrup. According to the distillery, it is “The fruit of reflection on maple products“.

For the distillery, this liqueur is an example of non-standard forms of production. In fact, through the use of the maple sprout they are able to produce it. This is where the name Bourgeon comes from, translated into English as the sprout of the plant.


Tasting notes

Bourgeon produces a silky and smooth effect on the palate. The aromas of the maple yolk rise to the nose, highlighting in turn the greenish character of the Wabasso gin. Its body is woody and spicy. Finally, the acid notes of citrus and juniper come to blend perfectly with wood, maple and spices.


Wabasso was an old cotton factory founded in 1907. Today, transformed into a distillery, they produce a gin that reflects the character and symbol of belonging to their city.



Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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