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The right way to serve champagne

These five tricks that will make you master the art of serving champagne!

You will impress your loved ones during the Holidays toasts. Indeed one of the protagonists of festivities is champagne, a must of Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

With the following tricks you will know how to actually serve champagne and make a perfect tasting.


1. Uncork your bottle

Keep your bottle inclined at 45 degrees close to your chest while holding with one hand the cork of the bottle (you need to loosen the wire first), and turn the base of the bottle with your other hand.


2. Choose the right glass

There are different kinds of glasses to taste champagne. You can fall for the classic and glamorous Gatsby kind or for the classic champagne flute. The best recommendation is a tulip glass. Tulips are a hybrid between a flute, a coupe and a white wine glass. Its design will ensure that bubbles properly rise, and will allow the aromas to express and concentrate.

*Always hold your glass by the stem.


3. The right temperature

Ideally between 8 and 10°C. Keeping your bottle 30 minutes in an ice bucket with water, or 4 hours in the fridge will allow the champagne to reach a perfect temperature. Older champagnes (+10) will require 2 additional degrees, between 10 and 12°C. Temperature is an important factor which allows champagne to open its most complex aromas, as citrus fruits, candied fruits, gingerbread and honey.


4. How to look great when serving Champagne

Hold the champagne bottle from the base and keep your right hand tilting the bottle. The left hand should be holding the glass, tilted.


5. How to store champagne well

You can keep your champagne bottle for many years intact, as long as you keep it horizontally and in the dark in a cellar at 10°C. Once opened, you can keep it fresh with a special cork.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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