These are the trends in beverages for 2019

Motivation to eat and consume healthier products is influencing trends in both beverages and meals by 2019. These include beverages and fermented foods to start of!


-Drinks and fermented foods

These are the trends in beverages for 2019

This category of trends for 2019 arises from its probiotic properties for health. We already know kimchi and kombucha well, but other foods such as miso or tempeh (fermented soybeans) conquer restaurants in England such as Counter Culture in Clapham, Little Duck The Pickery in Dalston and Rök in Islington. As for drinks, Scandinavia promotes fermented drinks such as the classic kombucha, so much so that many brands are coming to market and compete on the shelves. The kefir is also positioned, with more opportunity than the kombucha because it is a less saturated market.


-Non-alcoholic cocktail menus

These are the trends in beverages for 2019

With the introduction of motifs such as Dry January, and awareness of better tasting of beverages, non-alcoholic cocktail menus arrive on a larger scale than usual. There are movements such as Club Soda that promote the tasting of non-alcoholic drinks. But when the market arrives as Seedlip promotes the creation of non-alcoholic liqueurs as excellent substitutes. Bartenders are more inclined to this trend without thinking about it, including non-alcoholic cocktails as one more normal drink. One of the non-alcoholic cocktails: Nogroni.


-Decorations and innovations in restaurants

These are the trends in beverages for 2019

Expect to see many more places like Michael Sager’s Fare Bar + Canteen in Clerkenwell, which offers everything from Middle Eastern flatbreads and artisan cocktails to wine served from siphon, in casual settings while still being elegant perfect for a lively dinner but with the right dose of tranquility.


-Cannabis cocktails and various drinks:

These are the trends in beverages for 2019

After adding the Mr. Nice Guy Cannabis Cocktail to the San Diego Madison on Park bar menu, it is likely that, along with this inspirational fact and the growing wave of beer and spirits companies introducing cannabis into their productions, we will see more THC and CBD-based drinks as is already happening in some London bars. Other non-alcoholic drinks are created at Pharmacy in Notting Hill, such as GMO, based on flaxseed and grapefruit infused with CBD. There’s Something About Mary also combines CBD, vanilla vodka, lemon juice, homemade hemp syrup and bay leaf, mango puree and chili sauce. Exchanging alcohol for cannabis will open up possibilities for the non-alcoholic cocktail market, favouring this trend.


-Sherry cocktails:

These are the trends in beverages for 2019

Sherry is being introduced this year to create cocktails based on Spanish liquor. Bartenders will tend to introduce at least one sherry-based cocktail on their menu, with finos and manzanillas for appetizers, and montadillos and olorosos for decadent mixed drinks. In addition, some brands, such as Xeco, seek to reach an audience of younger sherry consumers who in turn work to develop the mixology with sherry.


-Canned wine:

These are the trends in beverages for 2019

Yes, you read well, canned wine. Rather wine in a can than cannned wine, the evolution of packaging brings to the coming years the development of wine cans, an ecological way of drinking, since the cans are easily recyclable as well as being easy to take to a picnic or a day at the beach. The Waitrose brand launched its own line of wine cans in June. Other brands include The Pinot Project and Underwood, Nomikai and Cycles Gladiator, all offering Pinot Noir, rosé and whites.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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