Three ideal vodkas to prepare Cosmpolitan cocktails

Bartenders made their selection of best vodka for a Cosmopolitan at UPROXX. Among them, we chose three that include citrus flavor, grain flavor, and one out of this world.

St.Georges Citrus

Valencia oranges, Seville oranges and bergamot perfume this citrus vodka, blended in a transgenic-free base spirit. A clean and perfect creation for a cocktail base.

Castle & Key

Andrew Erickson, bartender of L27 in the city of Nashville, confesses a preference for Castle & Key. It has citrus nuances, and vodka does not lose its presence in the preparation of cocktails. They use an identical recipe to the bourbon produced by the distillery, providing a unique character.

Absolut Elyx

For Cody Goldstein (The Flying Cock, NYC), it is soft and the grain has presence. In fact, Absolut Elyx is a vodka distilled in vintage copper stills. It adapts well to cocktails thanks to its limpid flavor.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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