halloween cocktail

A spooky Halloween cocktail… the Devilish Don

This Halloween cocktail prepared with Diplomático Mantuano rum gives off an air of fear… discover the Devilish Don.


Devilish Don Cocktail Recipe

Not only its name, Devilish, is a reason for this cocktail to evoke Halloween… Its orange appearance and garnish lends itself perfectly to the most fearful night of the year.


Ingredients (for one cocktail. Double the measurements for two…)

45 ml of Mantuan Diplomatic Rum

45 ml of blood orange juice

20 ml fresh lemon juice

5 ml of sugar syrup

Garnish: skewer with marshmallows

Type of glass: glass


Add the ingredients into a shaker. Shake and mix. Add and pour over crushed ice. Serve in a glass. Decorate with a marshmallow skewer.

*To add a special effect you can smoke the marshmallows a little, which will give off smoke or use dry ice.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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