Aperitif or digestive? Medicinal cocktail made with vermouth

Image by alessandro sciascia from Pixabay 

A perfect drink as an aperitif or digestive, this refreshing cocktail by Jack Bevan is according to him, a “medicinal spritz”.

It appears in Bevan’s book “A Spirited Guide to Vermouth: An Aromatic Journey with Botanical Notes, Classic Cocktails and Elegant Recipes” (Headline Home) where he compiles cocktail recipes based on vermouth.

The Medicinal Spritz contrasts strongly with the classic Spritz, in part for the Cynar, to which herbal aromas and a rich character to love are added.


Follow these steps to prepare it.

Prepare your ingredients

(For one person)

40 ml of Cynar herb liqueur

20 ml of Punt e Mes (or a good soft vermouth)

60 ml of Prosecco

1 splash of soda water

2 orange wedges

Type of glass

Large glass of spritz (typically wine)


Fill the glass with ice and add the Cynar, vermouth and prosecco, and then finish with a splash of sparkling water.

Squeeze a wedge of orange over the drink and then add it together with the second wedge to the cocktail.


Do you need to buy the ingredients and accessories?


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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