pisco sour cocktail

Chill with the beautiful performance “Tang’o” and a pisco cocktail

Photo by Lorena Samponi on Unsplash

Enjoy a pisco sour cocktail with this beautiful music and performance.


Pisco Sour cocktail

In your shaker, pour the pisco, lime juice, simple sugar syrup and then the egg white. Shake for 10 seconds without ice. Add 8 to 10 ice cubes and shake again for 15 seconds. Remove ice from cocktail glass.


Directed, filmed and produced by – Bastien Soleil

Dancer & Choreographer – Ariadna Hafez Navarro

Original music – APPART
Tanghost extract from Hyper Tango album
P&C Anthony Rouchier 2016

DOP / 2nd Cameraman – Mathieu Pradinaud

Editor & Colorist – Jeremy Lauvige

Safety and Lighting- Giovanni Boaretto

Safety – Marco Mardollo / Giancarlo D’Adamo/ Marco Mancini

Supported by:-40 / Bony Automobiles / Bluenery

Copyright 2020 Bastien Soleil All rights reserved


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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