Learn how to prepare a low-calorie Mudslide cocktail

Prepare in five minutes this sweet cocktail, a kind of milkshake for adults, the Mudslide cocktail is like a dessert! We show you in our article.

Sweet, creamy and rich sometimes Mudslide can be a cocktail full of calories, but this recipe will give you just the right amount to taste without guilt. In addition, vodka, known as one of the lightest spirits, will reinforce this aspect.

Very similar to White Russian, it is said that Mudslide was invented in a bar in the Cayman Islands when the bartender did not have cream, but did have Irish cream. He then mixed the ingredients of White Russian with Irish liqueur cream!


Mudslide Cocktail Recipe


30 ml of coffee liqueur

30 ml of low-calorie vodka (such as Vodkalight or Ketel One)

45 ml of Irish liqueur cream (such as Bailey’s, Brogan or Molly’s Irish Cream)


Type of glass


Garnishing -optional

You can add fine pieces of grated chocolate


Combine the three main ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice to serve cold. Shake quite a bit until the liqueurs mix well and you get a cold enough drink. Strain ingredients on ice in a previously cooled fizz glass.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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