cocktail chaud - alcohol-free hot toddy

Cozy at home: a recipe for alcohol-free Hot Toddy for the winter

Take your best blanket at the end of a cold day and enjoy this alcohol-free hot toddy to warm the soul!

To continue with a feeling of well-being and respect Dry January, here’s an alcohol-free hot toddy. Typically made with bourbon or whiskey, sometimes rum, the hot toddy is a drink, – a hot cocktail – super easy to prepare and with winter flavours. Cinnamon, sugar, lemon, honey…and to the surprise of many, there are already non-alcoholic whiskeys (like Ritual Zero Proof)! To bring out that robust side, don’t hesitate to ask for non-alcoholic whiskey.


Hot Toddy Classic

2 teaspoons of honey or brown sugar

15 ml yellow lemon juice

60 ml of alcohol-free whisky

Boiled water

Lemon slice

Cinnamon branch

Preparation: preheat a cup with hot water and discard the water. Add honey, lemon juice, whiskey, and finish with boiling water from the kettle. Mix until the honey dissolves. Add a slice of lemon and two cinnamon sticks to finish and stir gently.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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