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Ten non alcoholic drinks to begin Dry January 2021

Photo: Brigitte Tohm

These drinks will allow you to be creative with your non-alcoholic drinks to start the Dry January challenge.

Whether to pair your non-alcoholic cocktails or to be enjoyed alone, these drinks are very fashionable and we see new creations every day with the growing trend of non-alcoholic drinks. Refreshing, with new flavors and original presentations, these drinks are worth tasting.


Vita Coco Sparkling Coconut Water

The well-known coconut water proposes new flavors such as grapefruit, yellow lemon ginger, raspberry green lemon and passion fruit pineapple. Also, with the effervescent touch to add that spicy side.


Perrier Juice

French sparkling mineral water also launched a range of its flavored drink. Perrier & Juice is diversified with three flavors, strawberry/kiwi, peach/cherry and pineapple/mango.


DRY Sparkling Soda

Give a twist to your drinks or enjoy a delicious lavender-based drink. This soda is much less sweet than a traditional soda and has been created by taking inspiration from culinary flavors. “I discovered how to use unique flavor notes to create simple and unexpectedly palatable gaze drinks.



A carbonated water that celebrates Asian flavors. Available in mango, lychee and calamansi.



Soda water that also includes flavors such as lavender, along with lemon. Created with herbal bitters. They are a good companion for non-alcoholic cocktails or to be enjoyed alone.



An innovation in the field of non-alcoholic drinks, which contain an infusion of hemp and adaptogens. Available in blackberry chai, peach ginger and hibiscus pomegranate (hibiscus flower) flavors.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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