flowers for cocktails

How about flowers for cocktails? Power-up your mixology game

These flowers for cocktails will bring a unique touch to your drink. Level up your mixology game…

Photo by Ahtziri Lagarde

Creating flower gardens for gin a couple of years ago became the stars of the Chelsea Flower Show.

To create an original cocktail several elements come into play and are at hand. Developing an imaginative and fresh recipe allows you to play with garden items such as herbs, vegetables, but especially flowers.

Flowers for cocktails as a garnish can take a classic drink and give it a beautiful, original and meaningful twist!⁠ Adding a flower not only gives your cocktail a beautiful look but they can also add a sprinkle of flavor.⁠


Here are three flowers for cocktails to upgrade your drinks

Experts such as Stuart Bale, Sarah Raven and Ryan Chetiyawardana recommend: chamomile, lavender, rose, geum,  geraniums, foxgloves, azurea flowers, sorrel and even pine needles. Here we show you three different flowers you can use to garnish your favorite cocktails.⁠



It is one of the most typical cocktail garnishes out there. ⁠

Existing in different colors such as red, pink, yellow, orange and purple, they don’t only add to the looks but also flavor, pairing the best with champagne and sparkling wines, as well as rum, gin and vodka. ⁠



A classic flower that can give a luxurious look to your favorite cocktail, rose petals as a garnish are commonly found in cocktails made of bourbon, gin, vodka or rum. ⁠Make sure to pair the color of your rose petals to your drink’s vibe!



Often found in intense purple shades, you can use this flower to give an exotic look to your cocktails. Often matched with cocktails that will make its color pop out, made out of gin or vodka. ⁠




Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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