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Innovation in the world’s best bars: beeswax and cocktails

Not only do we use honey in cocktails, beeswax is another rich element for mixology. The best bars in the world make use of it nowadays. We tell you more about beeswax and cocktails…

In recent years a curious ingredient like beeswax has made its appearance in the world of mixology, and it is thanks to the innovative bartender and founder of the world’s best bars Ryan Chetiyawardana. Since then, bartenders have decided to apply the technique to beeswax and cocktails.

Mr. Lyan, one of Chetiyawardana’s bars, is known for being the first to mix beeswax and cocktails. Many bartenders were inspired by this mixture to improve their cocktails and experiment.


Beeswax and cocktails: how is it made?

The first beeswax and cocktail mix created by Ryan Chetiyawardana is called Lyan’s Fish House Punch contains white rum, dark rum, other rum, peach schnapps, fish sauce sorbet, peach leaf, lemon and soda. The ingredients are bottled in a beeswax-lined bottle.

It’s been great to see how it’s received both as a group service and as an individual,” Chetiyawardana says. “People seem to love it in both capacities, but the impact of having the beeswax-lined bottle as part of the group service at the table has been really popular.”

It’s more than 10 years that beeswax has been a signature ingredient in the Lyan family, he says.

Chetiyawardana first experimented with beeswax at his White Lyan bar. “We worked with different suppliers, then infused in-house and lined the bottles with beeswax ourselves,” he says.

It all started when I studied social insects as part of my biology degree, and I’m obsessed with honey,” Chetiyawardana says.

Photo credit: Ryan Chetiyawardana

“It’s appealed to us from both a flavor and texture standpoint, and since the early days of White Lyan’s Beeswax Old Fashioned it’s been something we’ve been excited to see in different applications-from working with Nordic Food Lab to debuting the technique in our MasterClass series, it’s been amazing to see what different people have done with the ingredient.”

Like honey, beeswax varies from hive to hive. Different waxes and sources have different profiles,” says Chetiyawardana, “just like their honey counterparts, but they have a golden richness and, of course, a deep waxy texture. They bring flavor and textural elements to cocktails.

In the Fish House Punch, they bring floral honey notes, but also give a counterpoint to the lighter aspects of the drink-the citrus and soda, as well as some brighter tropical notes from the rums-so they give a great contrast of body on the palate, and aromas that linger.”


Beeswax and cocktails: the Silver Lyan Fish House Punch Silver Lyan Fish House Punch – the perfect sip of rich rum for the evening.

It will taste of different notes of American and Caribbean rums, plus layers of peach and citrus.

The drink is wrapped in beeswax to give it added depth, while the addition of umami-rich fish sauce gives it a funky, deep kick (without tasting fishy!).

Image: Instagram @silverlyan


Bayou White Rum,

Plantation Original Dark Rum,

Doorly’s 12-Year-Old Rum,

Bloody peach schnapps.

Fish sauce sorbet

Peach Leaf

Yellow Lemon


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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