Moscow Bar Creates Special Cocktail to Lower Coronavirus Tensions

The “Coronavirus Cocktail” created in this Moscow bar was created in mid-March to relieve the stress caused by the coronavirus.

The drinks, all colorful, the bar says they have magical powers. Razvedka Bar created the “Coronavirus Cocktail” served in a glass with two medical syringes. One contains red liquid, and the other contains green liquid. But the ingredients remain secret.

The cocktail is reported to help Muscovites relieve panic as cases of the virus increase. The idea of this cocktail, says the bar, came up suddenly, and with it they try to relieve the level of tension and panic, our worst enemies in this situation.

Razvedka Bar’s Instagram page explains that the cocktail should be taken when a person feels overwhelmed by the need to buy toilet paper. Or other products such as buckwheat if a lockdown occurs.

Remember to drink in moderation!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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