Popsicles and cocktails? A perfect mix by Paula Forbes !

It was at June’s All Day restaurant, where Paula Forbes (GQ) began her adventure of mixing popsicles and cocktails. Discover everything about it here !

That’s right. Instead of mixing your cocktails with ice, you can mix them with popsicles. For example, to a Gin and Tonic you can add a lime popsicle; to a Margarita, a strawberry popsicle. Drinks based on rum, a coconut popsicle.

Learn these recipes to twist your cocktail creations at home, impress yourself and amaze your guests! There is a flavor to suit every taste.


Champagne + berries popsicle

You can choose the berries of your preference that any will go well with the champagne. You can also exchange the champagne for white wine or rosé wine. If you add Campari you will create a spritz type drink.


Beer + spicy popsicle

You can create a kind of michelada if you combine beer and chili/piña or chili melon popsicles.


Moscow Mule + citrus popsicle

You will only need vodka, lemon juice, ginger beer but skip the copper mug for this Moscow Mule twist, and favor a transparent glass to see the popsicle! The ideal popsicle would be lime flavor. But you can use another citrus as they all combine.


And the most adventurous,


Bourbon + Ice Cream Popsicle

It’s ideal for after dinner, so part digestive, part dessert? Yes, because the ice cream popsicle will melt and you’ll mix it with the bourbon.

Taste it!


Nan Palmero


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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