You’ve got to check out this magic cocktail by bartender Joe Cobbe

Scottish bartender Joe Cobbe recently surprised the media with his magical cocktailworthy of Harry Potter” some say, like Mashable.

Called Misty Eyes, the cocktail by bartender Joe Cobbe consists of absinthe, lemon juice, Tanqueray gin, coconut powder, and gum syrup. All mixed in a coupe glass, flaming first of all the absinthe with a kitchen torch, then adding the rest of the ingredients with the help of a jigger and a beautiful spherical ice that will melt little by little.

Joe Cobbe is supervisor at The Register cocktail bar at The Edinburgh Grand Hotel. A relaxing place to eat and share, tasting classic and modern cocktails made with the latest spirits and liqueurs. The signature cocktails are selected according to recognized Social Clubs, such as Harvard Cocktail or Turf Club. A large selection of wines and champagne is also proposed.


The cocktail Misty Eyes by Joe Cobbe, acclaimed by many as “next level bartending”. Will you dare to do it at home? Let’s do it!


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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