The best savory cocktail is another way to prepare cocktails

A savory cocktail is prepared with various ingredients that are often used in cooking. The peculiarity of these preparations is that they have a very rich taste. The components vary and include plants, vegetables and alcoholic beverages or not. This composition brings a mixture of salty, spicy, sweet or acid flavours. This too allows you to experiment with new flavours and create more original cocktails.

Tips for preparing good savory cocktails

Here are recipes to prepare excellent « savory cocktails »

Make a mixture of watermelon and feta cheese to which is added tequila or mezcal

For the second savory cocktail, cut into thin slices cucumbers that are then soaked in rice vinegar. Add a little salt and to enhance the taste even more include Soju.

We go even further with a rather surprising mixture, that of beet juice and gin. Even if this recipe seems unlikely, it tastes and may pleasantly surprise you.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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