The White Spritz cocktail should be on your summer’s list

If there’s one fashion that could try to replace the typical colorful and effervescent Spritz this summer (though hardly), it’s the white Spritz. What is it?

The creation of Spritz White is based on the French liqueur St-Germain (a liqueur based on elderflower), sparkling water and Prosecco. The cocktail is pale in colour but mainly opal, due to the colour of the St-Germain liqueur. It is certainly very fresh, a freshness brought by the elderflower and typically used in refreshing drinks.

Another interesting fact of the White Spritz is its calorific content, lower than the usual Spritz. Something people are more encline to taste are in fact cocktails with lower alcohol by volume.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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