cócteles para halloween 2021

Cocktails for Halloween 2021: celebrate the spookiest day of the year

These cocktails for Halloween will be the perfect accompaniment to the spookiest day of the year.


Vlad Collins

Honoring the Count of Dracula, we have this cocktail from the Sand Dollar Lounge in Las Vegas. Gin, blood orange syrup, lemon, spiced orange ginger ale, Vampyre ‘blood’ float vodka, garnished with citrus and vampire teeth.


Senhora Rosa

This cocktail from Cinder House, restaurant and bar at the Four Seasons Hotel in St. Louis, is bright and contains punch vodka infused with hibiscus flower, fresh lime and pineapple. Plus, Jamaican No.2 bitters, which adds depth and complexity, as well as warm notes of vanilla and grapefruit. A very easy to drink cocktail.


Paint it Black

The Watch Rooftop Kitchen & Spirits bar’s cocktail, named after the Rolling Stones song is served in a skull mug. It’s a bourbon-based cocktail with blackberry syrup, blackberry cordial, Lustau vermouth and fresh lemon.


Smoke Show

Served at BOA Steakhouse, this cocktail is made with Wild Turkey Longbranch bourbon, maple syrup, orange bitters and applewood smoke. “Our Smoke Show cocktail is a twist on the Old Fashioned with all the fall flavors and theatricality that set the tone for Halloween,” said Tara Shadzi, head bartender at BOA Steakhouse.


Watch more recipes for your Halloween Cocktails below:


Don’t Drink and Drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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