The most googled cocktail by New Yorkers during confinement

New York, a city characterized by its speakeasy bars and excellent cocktails. Confined, its inhabitants missed this fundamental part.

Many of us find ourselves in front of our screens looking for information to occupy our time and to contribute a little of what we live outside at home. In this case, in New York, the inhabitants googled cocktail recipes and one was the most successful. Obviously the cocktail was the Manhattan, named after the main island of the Big Apple.

In May, New York was the city with the most cases of COVID-19 in the country. Its inhabitants found themselves confined without much to do and practically prevented from leaving.

During the confinement we saw many cocktail recipes, tips, tricks and tutorials to recreate these delicious concoctions at home. Proudly, the average New Yorker had to know how to make Manhattan.


How to prepare it?


60 ml of Rye whisky

30 ml of soft Vermouth

1 dash of bitter Angostura

2 dashes of bitter orange


Add the ingredients in a mixing glass.

Mix for 15-20 seconds with a bar spoon.

Strain and pour into a chilled glass.

Decorate with cherries and/or orange.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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