Which type of ice should I pour in my cocktail or drink to keep them fresh?

One question we often ask ourselves is what kind of ice cube we should pour into our cocktails or spirits to keep them fresh without making them “moldy”. We must also pay attention to the time we spend tasting the drink.

So there are a variety of ice cubes that we can add to our cocktails and spirits in our homemade creations.

Here are some examples:

Crushed ice

Soften or dilute ingredients such as syrups and purees. Refresh drinks immediately. However, it can melt quickly and may become too diluted in a drink that takes time to taste.

Goes well with: Gin Fizz cocktail


Standard ice cubes

It creates a constant cooling and dilution of the cocktails, whether the drink is shaken or not.

It goes well with: Highballs and Old fashioned


Large ice cubes

The classic “on the rocks” drink, but can also be served in cocktails when mixed in shakers. This will allow the ingredients to mix more easily. It also melts very slowly.


Spherical ice or Iceball

A conventional ice cube cools and dilutes the whisky, then continues to dilute it as it melts. And we don’t want that. A spherical ice, or iceball melts more slowly in a drink than an ice cube. This way, you can cool the drink without diluting it quickly.

It goes well with: Whisky

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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