Whisky-based cocktail recipe “Ma Cherry d’Amour”

A whisky-based cocktail recipe for Old Fashioned and Manhattan fans, but also for those who like berry and citrus cocktails.

This cocktail recipe was created by Jean-Sébastien Michel, owner and photographer, and Manuel Perrier, cocktail teacher and menu developper, both from Alambika, a Canadian cocktail boutique in the city of Montreal.

Cocktail recipe “Ma cherry d’Amour”

Whisky-based cocktail recipe "Ma Cherry d'Amour"


1 1/2 oz whisky

1/2 oz of cherry surette

1/4 oz maple syrup or simple syrup

2 dash of Dashfire Lavender Bitter



Type of glass

Old fashioned cup


Pre-cool the glass with ice. Add ingredients in a mixing glass. Add ice and mix ingredients with a mixing spoon until you get a volume that doubles the initial. Serve and decorate with about three cherries on a toothpick.


*originally from ledevoir.com


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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