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Hotel Chais Monnet: an exceptional place in Cognac

Existing since 1838, Hotel Chais Monnet is an exceptional place in Cognac that holds so much history, a history as important for the city as for France.

The Chais Monnet site is still standing a century after its construction ( soon two centuries!), precisely on the two hectares that make Cognac one of the most important and impressive industrial sites. Mixing stillness and elegance, thanks to the architect Didier Poignant, the Hôtel Chais Monnet imposes itself among the most beautiful cognac houses.

Its guests can enjoy a gastronomic experience in the hotel restaurant thanks to Chef Sébastien Broda, in a brasserie with 120 coverings. And to add more class with tasting a Jazz Bar, the 1838, located in the former cooperage of Monnet. Here you will find more than 400 references of cognac – and how not in this region – as well as spirits and champagne. A menu of cocktails, old fashioned, sours, martinis and mocktails.

Let’s not forget that at the Hotel Chais Monnet, last year took place the gala of La Part des Anges, sponsored by Chef Thierry Marx. A unique and special place for an event of this magnitude.

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