cognac saint valentin cocktail

This Valentine’s Day Cognac cocktail for a lovely tasting

Photo: Baptiste Bochet / Colada

The Cognac appellation offers for Valentine’s Day a gourmet cocktail signed Baptiste Bochet, mixologist and Cognac Educator*.

To sublimate the palate for two, Baptiste Bochet and the Cognac Appellation brings us the “Saint 2021” cocktail.

For this cocktail, you will need a Cognac with tonus and nice woody notes that will be sublimated by the spicy notes of cinnamon. The Cognac will thus dance with the raspberry liqueur and its most complex notes will combine marvelously with the more subtle and intense, even slightly earthy, scents of raspberry. The lemon will bring a touch of balance. Not too much is needed to preserve all the deliciousness of this cocktail perfect to share between lovers“.


How to prepare the Saint 2021 ?

*You will need a shaker.


4 cl VSOP Cognac

2.5 cl raspberry liqueur

3 cl of lemon

1.5 cl of cinnamon

1 egg white

Garnish: raspberry skewer or orange zest

Type of glass: coupe


If you use egg white for foam and texture, add it after you have gathered all your ingredients in your shaker.

Shake hard once for 20 seconds with a single ice cube to create a strong emulsion and obtain a nice foam that will last throughout the tasting.

Shake again for 10 seconds with lots of ice cubes, then strain and serve in a nice cocktail glass.

Decorate with a raspberry skewer or simply with orange zest.


Any doubts? Have a look at the tutorial below by Baptiste Bochet:


Baptiste Bochet is since May 2018, one of the 77 Cognac Educators*. Baptiste is also the founder of Colada (, which organizes since 2016 tasting and experimentation workshops around the cocktail, for individuals or in team building format, in person or remotely from his couch!


*Cognac Educator: French and international experts in wines and spirits who have followed the BNIC label program and spread the culture and knowledge of Cognac in their country.

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Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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