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Begin Dry January with an alcohol free gin

Pernod Ricard’s gin-flavoured soft drink is back to start the Dry January challenge.

Ceder’s is a non-alcoholic drink made from juniper berries and exotic plants, all of which are distilled in Swedish spring water. It is a thirst quenching distillate, sugar free and alcohol free. This type of drink allows us to taste and control our consumption 100%.

Moreover, Ceder’s proposes a balanced and serna tasting through its two references, Crisp and Wild. Both are free of calories and artificial flavors.


Ceder’s Crisp – the mild version

Refreshing, the juniper berry is mixed with citrus, cucumber and chamomile.

Ceder’s Wild – the wild version

It mixes original flavors of gin, provided by the juniper berry, and original aromas of ginger, roiibos and cloves.


Alcohol-free cocktails take on another dimension with both versions of this gin.

To prepare a tonic without alcohol:

-50 ml of Ceder’s Crisp or Wild

-150 ml of Premium Tonic

Add the gin and tonic in a large glass. Add a handful of ice cubes, add cucumber slices and some mint leaves if you use Crisp, or grapefruit pieces and basil leaves if you use Wild.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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