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Producers offer non-alcoholic alternatives during dry January

The trend of staying sober during the month of January continues. Major companies take the opportunity to make offers on their non-alcoholic products.

This is the example of Heineken, the brewing giant, which proposes an advent calendar in January. In it, thirty non-alcoholic beers produced by the brand, especially Heineken 0.0. “With Heineken 0.0 we make live a more fun and playful January with a solution of beers to meet the resolutions“. The brewer expressed in his press release regarding the advent calendar.

In this way, Sober January, better known as Dry January, becomes a springboard. Indeed, for brands that offer non-alcoholic alternatives. At this time, Diageo takes the opportunity to promote its Seedlip alcohol-free pseudo-gin more than ever, while Pernod Ricard relies on Ceder’s, Seedlip’s competitor.

Other companies, such as the soft drink startup Athletic Brewing, saw their sales increase by 40% in January. Dry January, “is an easier way to make yourself known to consumers“.

The Dry January trend is successful especially in England where it started and is supported by Alcohol Change UK. In the United States, the trend is also positive, however in France it has been rejected as a result of the strong lobby imposed by the wine industry who do not share the idea of blaming alcohol consumers. However, there are about 30 associations that will carry out Dry January campaigns until January 31st.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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