food pairing with gin and smoked salmon

Gin and its different perfect pairing with food

Look no further. We propose a perfect pairing to accompany your drink of gin, neat or in cocktail with foods.

You will find pretty much information about the consumption of gin during the recent boom in the sector. Like wine, other alcohols find their perfect food pairing when it comes to tasting. Gin, for example, in our case, is impregnated with botanicals that, if not combined with the right foods, can cause a mismatch.


It works very well with different flavors but…

You can experiment with herbs and spices to first create your own gin drink. Then avoid spicy foods as this can overwhelm your palate.


Fish and Chips

A drink that originated in England, Hemant Mundkar, brand ambassador for the Bacardi spirits portfolio, recommends pub food. For example, fish and chips and light snacks.


Indian food

A perfect complement are also the small versions of onion kachoris, samosas, and tandoori food. It is necessary to avoid however that they are very spicy, since they will ruin the palate and therefore the experience of marriage.


Mediterranean Food

From smoked salmon to cheeses with crackers and stuffed olives. Also, mezzes, caesar and Greek salads.


Asian Food

To combine gin with Asian food is recommended to eat dimsums of vegetables, pork or seafood. Also, tempura (of vegetables and prawns), or a plate of sushi and sashimi.


Photo by Patrick Browne on Unsplash / Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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