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3 bars in Edinburgh where you can taste gin

Scotland is one of the largest gin producers in the world! And Edinburgh is no exception. We recommend the bars in Edinburgh where you can taste it in the city.

In this selection you will find bars that offer all types of gin and especially Gin & Tonic.


Gin bars in Edinburgh

56 North

A selection of over 400 gins offers the 56 North bar, making it one of the most varied bars in the country. In addition to finding varied brands, they offer the gin of the bar South Loch Gin, after having created its distillery. To select a gin from such a variety, the bar is expert in knowledge and will advise you well.


One Square

One Square bar offers a house gin made by Pickering’s Gin brand. This gin is made from Mediterranean liquorice, orris root, juniper and Scottish heather. It houses a large collection of Scottish gins and more than 100 premium gins.



A name that pays tribute to gin: “juniper”. A hotel bar that specializes in the preparation of gin cocktails. In addition, all craft, create their own juices and infusions for the cocktail. In this way, they ensure that everything is fresh. To drink a Gin and Tonic at Juniper, you can order between 50 different gins and the bartender will know how to advise you to serve the cocktail perfectly.


Panda and Sons

And to close on a high note, Panda and Sons was recently nominated in the World’s Best Bars. It was also the only Scottish bar in the competition. Panda and Sons is one of Edinburgh’s most popular speakeasy bars. In addition to serving a great and very good choice of gin, they offer cocktails and handcrafted beers. But we came here for gin and tonic, right? You can taste their super tonic cocktail prepared with Star of Bombay Gin, Martini Dry vermouth, almond syrup, lemon juice, Angostura bitters and tonic water.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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