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This is Slather Gin Mayo, the gin-infused mayonnaise

Fun and colorful, Slather Gin Mayo mayonnaise is infused with Dutch gin.

Slather Gin Mayo is made in Holland from a Dutch Dry Dutch gin with Indonesian botanical herbs. It’s worth noting that they are slightly alcoholic, with 2% alcohol in each sauce.

If you are ready to venture into a new type of gastronomy, Slather Gin Mayo offers this condiment, now available almost everywhere in the world. Gin Mayo mayonnaise is made with Zaanse, a mayonnaise that has been popular since 1955 and has never changed since. They infuse it with dutch Bobby’s Schiedam Dry Gin, and among their botanical herbs they use lemongrass, cloves, coriander and cubeb pepper.

The mayonnaise made its debut in 2017 in the Netherlands, at the seafood restaurant Mossel & Gin in Amsterdam. At the restaurant they started serving fish & chips with the mayonnaise infused with gin. It quickly became a hit and they started selling it to locals nearby.

Gin Mayo is creamy and spicy with its added touch of botanical herbs and spices.

Last year they added a second product to the line, Gin Chup, with Zaanse tomato sauce and Bobby’s Gin. Gin Chup offers a fresher taste to the palate than Gin Mayo and, like Gin Mayo, contains botanical herbs and spices.

Both sauces, produced by Celebrate What You Eat, contain two percent alcohol, which won’t affect your mood or make you drunk, but it does add a very diverse taste.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.


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