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Meet Yola the mezcal created by three friends

Yola is a mezcal that seeks to reach out to women and empower them by creating it behind the scenes. Discover it here.

This organic mezcal created by three friends is based on locally grown produce. Created by Yola Jimenez, Gina Correll Aglietti and Lykke Li, they created the mezcal with the idea of capitalizing on the organic mezcal trend.

It’s also a way to emphasize the power of women with a strong drink. “If you’re strong, you need something strong. So strong woman, strong drink,” said co-founder Lykke Li.

The idea began when Yola Jimenez was inspired by the recipe of her grandfather who created mezcal on his farm in Oaxaca, Mexico. Jimenez told CBS that she wanted to take over her grandfather’s farm when he passed away, but she worried. “You could see women working in every place, but you’d have to talk to a man to make the final decisions.”

From this point on, Yola decided to take action. She talked to Gina and Lykke about the situation in Oaxaca. “We went to the farm and said, ‘we need to focus on having a brand for them, made by them‘.” Beyond creating a “great product”, Jimenez said it’s about “what we can do that can change the world a little bit.”

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