10 steps to start your own distillery according to The Craft & Co

The Craft & Co is an Australian distillery and winery located in Collingwood and Bangholme. Their facilities offer the public a cellar door. Plus, a dining room, a café, a bar and spaces dedicated to cheese and charcuterie.

In a very useful article recently published by The Craft & Co, we discovered their tips for starting your own distillery with them. Here are the steps to follow:

1 – Think of your idea for a product and a brand.

2 – Design your brand identity and choose the right bottle.

3 – Start researching and developing at The Craft & Co to perfect your product.

4 – Create your launch plan and route to market.

5 – Perfect your product at The Craft & Co.

6 – First commercial distillation at The Craft & Co.

7 – Launch it!

8 – Sell it!

9 – Keep doing more.

10 – Build your own distillery!

For detailed information on how to operate step by step, do not hesitate to read the page dedicated to the article.


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