The New Zealand Whisky Collection distillery aspires expanding through crowdfunding

To achieve its goal of expansion, the New Zealand distillery Whisky Collection is organizing a crowdfunding campaign through PledgeMe.

The expansion would allow the company to occupy a warehouse and distillation space in a building of Oamaru’s heritage, and to install a tasting and retail bar in the immediate vicinity. Report

Whisky Collection is a distillery that was created after the difficulties encountered by the New Zealand Malt Whisky Company. The distillery was rescued by Greg Ramsay and his investment partners when they saw the opportunity to buy 443 barrels of aged whisky.

Whisky Collection exports its productions to Australia, Europe and Asia, with South Island Single Malt and Dunedin Doublewood as the selected whiskies.

Currently Whisky Collection has five years of assortment and the advantage that the distillers have is that the whisky takes three years to reach the bottle. The next production has a date before Christmas.


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