Craft beer aged in casks: three reasons why you should read this article

The evolution of craft beer in France, a sector in constant growth and diversification and we show you here.

Because in the article Place aux bières qui envoient du bois ! by Rachelle Lemoine, we witness the journey of the adventure in France on the evolution of the trend in craft beer and how the latest trend is to age beer in casks. At Spirits Hunters we are always on the lookout for innovation, and this time I would like to give you three reasons why you should read it.

What you need to know about craft beer aged in casks

  1. It all started in England, with the beer created The Original, created by Innis & Gunn allied with the whisky brand Grant, who had the main idea.
  2. However, it is not entirely new. In the United States, artisanal beer was already made in bourbon or Napa Valley wine barrels.
  3. How to achieve a balance between the aromas that are released from the barrels of spirits such as bourbon, chardonnay, cognac and red bourgogne? As Stéphane Morvan says in Rachelle Lemoine’s article for Nouvel Obs, “In fact, there is no rule. You have to try it all the time to know when balance is achieved.

Find out everything you need to know about this trend in the world of beer in Rachelle Lemoine’s article for Nouvel Obs.


Have a good read.


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