bushfires in australia

3000 litres of beer are sent to an Australian town

The devastating fires in Australia have affected nature, homes, their human inhabitants and animals. But in this town, the navy provides the beer for the weekend pub.

In Mallacoota, Victoria, the country’s navy sent 800 gallons of emergency beer to a city pub. Residents will be happy to know that their weekend will change a bit amidst all the worry. The beer delivery arrived by air, as it is impossible to use road access due to fires since New Year’s Eve.

The beer is delivered by Carlton & United Breweries. The CEO says, “It’s bad enough to have a pub without beer at the worst times.” Peter Filipovic continues: “The pub is in the heart of the regional communities and after what the people and firefighters of Mallacoota have had to go through, the least we can do is make sure they enjoy a beer.”

This mission carried out by the military was however very daring. Lieutenant Colonel Nick Grimmer, has been working with the Australian Navy’s 808th Squadron. They specialise in disaster relief operations and Grimmer has been in constant action since November. Even working up to 10 hours a day.

The community of Mallacoota suffered greatly, being one of the places with the most dramatic fires in the country. Some 4000 inhabitants and tourists have moved towards the beaches at a point where the fires were uncontrollable and surrounded the town. In addition, the Australian Royal Navy evacuated about 1000 people.

The fires in Australia began on September 27, 2019, and to date, 27 people have died and one billion animals have been severely affected.

Tasmanian distilleries raise funds

Tasmanian distilleries, in conjunction with the Gin-Uary Gin Festival, are raising funds to help the Australian community. To this end, proceeds from the Ultimamte Gin Raffle and 10 per cent of tickets sold for the Gin-Uary Gin Festival will be donated to the Australian Red Cross and the NSW Wildlife Information, Rescue & Education Service.

Festival founder Courtney Quinn McCabe said she hoped to raise more than $30,000. “There are distillery interstates affected and many people displaced. It’s incredibly devastating to hear about it.”

The festival will take place on January 25th in Hobart. Tickets are on sale online at $55.

You can buy online tickets for The Ultimate Gin Raffle, cost is $10.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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