Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, et son Hall Be Spirits

Be Spirits in the spotlight at Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris 2023

Wine Paris & Vinexpo Paris, and its Hall Be Spirits, honored this year, will be back from February 13 to 15, 2023, to highlight the world of spirits and crafts.

See you at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles.


2023 will be an exclusive year for Be Spirits

On this occasion, Be Spirits will have its own hall to showcase spirits from all horizons, from micro-distilleries to well-known brands, and to inform professionals about the trends in the sector.

This new format at Be Spirits will also come with a change of pace, stemming from a desire to satisfy this community with specific hours, from 10 am to 8 pm.


The Number: 44% of new exhibitors

In 2023, spirits, crafts and non-alcoholic beverages are gaining in importance with 20% more space than in 2022 and 44% more exhibitors.

A total of 28 categories of spirits will be represented (Aniseed, Armagnac, Baijiu, Cachaça, Calvados, Cognac, Cream, Brandies, Gin, Mezcal, Ready-to-Drink – RTD, Rum, Arranged Rum, Sake, Non-alcoholic, Tequila, Tonic, Vermouth, Vodka, Whisky).

On the novelty side, alcoholic beverages will enter the Be Spirits repertoire (Absinthe, liqueurs, bitter, Pisco (Peruvian national drink), Hard Tea, Shochu (Japanese spirits), but also ciders and beers).

The Be Spirits hall will also feature non-alcoholic beverages with sparkling drinks, spirits, beers, mixers and tonics to enrich the offer and meet the market demand.


List of exhibitors at Be Spirits :

Alongside the many French, the internationals will be very present with the return of Belgium, Canada, the United States, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Romania, the United Kingdom and Switzerland; for their part, Uzbekistan, the Czech Republic and Vietnam will make their entry to the show for the first time.

Regular exhibitors

Consorzio di Tutela della Doc Prosecco, Anivin de France, Armagnac Castarede, Armagnac Veuve Goudoulin, BBC Vins et Spiritueux, Calvados Christian Drouin, Château de Saint Aubin, Cognac Dobbe, Maison Dolin, Drouet et Fils, Cognac François Voyer, Cognac Prince Hubert de Polignac, Dartilongue et Fils Armagnac, Delors Frères, Distillerie des Moisans, Distillerie Merlet, Distillerie de la Seine, Distillerie Jean-Paul Mette, Distillerie Longueteau, Domaine familial Louis Dupont, Eyland Spirits, Fire&Ice Beverages AG, Hardy Cognac, Hawkins Distribution, Jacoulot, Kaskad Diffusion, Les Bienheureux, Le Club des Marques, Les Jardins de l’Orbrie / So Jennie, Maison de la Mirabelle – Distillerie de Rozelieures, Maison Ferroni , Maison Peyrat, Michel Couvreur Scotch Whiskies LTD, Plus Oultre Distillery, Tesseron Cognac, Terre de Légende – Bruant Distribution, Tennessee Distilling, Vinet Delpech.


The new exhibitors

Arspirits, Armagnacs du Château de Lacquy, Black Mountain, Cognac Paul Giraud et Fils, , JNPR, Distillerie de l’Ort, Distillerie Castan, Distillerie Miclo, Distillerie des Menhirs, Domaine de Coquerel, Dunrobin Distilleries, Groupe Geloso/Broue Alliance, Kratochvilovci, K’Ribean Cocktail/Taleya, Gaec du Clos de la Pommeraye, Godet Frères Cognac, Vignobles du Hour, Notaboo Corp, Famille Laudet/Domaine de Laballe, Maison Gelas, Saka Spirits, Slim Chillers, Spirignac, Shogga, Spiritique, Spiribam, Square Box/L’arrange Français.


International participants

Whisky, rum and vodka from Canada with Notaboo or Japanese sake and shochu with Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association and the American Ready To Drink Slim Chillers. French spirits will also be honored with the participation of the Bureau National Interprofessionnel de l’Armagnac, Cognac with Château Montifaud, craft creams with La Mentheuse, or Whisky with La Distillerie Warenghem and its Whisky Armorik.


On the program of ON: A new space named Speakeasy

Referring to the discreet and clandestine bars of the Roaring Twenties.

The Speakeasy at Wine Paris & Vinexpo 2023 will be daring and will deal with trendy topics in the world of spirits and mixology, all in a very friendly atmosphere.

Speakeasy will also be the meeting place for masterclasses, conferences and round tables dedicated to the new trends and challenges of the global spirits market, among which we can already mention:

  • a masterclass on Brandy led by Lucien Bernard,
  • a “Spirits” masterclass by the WSET,
  • a “Sowine” conference led by Marie Mascré, “Z (as in zebra?): the younger generation and their relationship with wine and spirits”,
  • or the masterclasses of the Japan Sake and Sochu Association.

In addition, La Bataille des Mixologistes (Battle of the Mixologists), a new animation, will bring together the most creative figures in the profession.

Finally, as usual, visitors will have the opportunity to taste cocktails thanks to the huge Infinite Bar, one of Be Spirits’ must-see.

The 40-meter-long Infinite Bar will be a focal point in the Be Spirits hall, at the crossroads of business and inspiration.

This year, it will host European, Parisian and French bars to showcase the abundant creativity of great mixologists or rising figures on the bartender scene.



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