5 wonderful hotels to enjoy this autumn in Europe

Today we have prepared a list of 5 incredible hotels to enjoy this season.


  1. Eden Lock, Edinburgh


The two-year-old hotel is inspired by the modernity of the current age with vintage touches of the 18th century. You can feel the AirBnB atmosphere in this apart-hotel where all the services you find in a regular hotel are included. Its 72 studios measure from 29 to 33 m², all of them with equipped kitchens.


  1. Hotel Eden, Rome


You cannot imagine the history of this 19th century jewel and the personalities who have slept here. Some of them are the former King of Spain Alfonso XIII, Ingrid Bergman and John F. Kennedy Jr.  In addition, this beautiful hotel with incredible views went under renovation last year to return its original facade and its Roman spirit back to life.


  1. Hotel Indigo London


No matter which of the three categories you choose (the Screenwriter, Backstage and Auditorium), this London hotel will make you feel like a film director. Its 95 rooms honor the art of theater and among its decoration you will find projectors, old-fashioned mirrors and even old theater curtains. Besides, its attractive entrance will transport you onto a glamorous journey to the last century.


  1. Hotel St Georges, Helsinki

5 wonderful hotels to enjoy this autumn in Europe

New luxury hotel near Vanha kirkkopuisto. With soft, homely and delicate decorations which transmit the Nordic atmosphere of the place. Plus, feel free to spend some quality time with your traveling companions under its glass roof while enjoying a glass of wine.

  1. Herman K, Copenhagen

5 wonderful hotels to enjoy this autumn in Europe

Only one word describes this hotel, modernity. Indeed, The Herman K style has completely revolutionized the trend of lodging in an intimate, small but cozy high class hotel cluttered with décors. This hotel offers the opposite with its minimalist and 100% contemporary interior.


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