50 years old whiskey for $25,000

50 years old whiskey is a real discovery for spirits lovers. Indeed, it is not easy to find a eau-de-vie with such maturity. The Johnnie Walker’s brand, by marketing this range intends to please consumers and also to position themselves in the luxury spirits market like Macallan.

For the occasion, Johnnie Walker launches the John Walker Masters’ Edition collection. In total, 100 bottles of 50 years old are put on the market. They are the oldest whiskey produced by the company. This deluxe edition comes from 7 different distilleries that we real ready open while John Walker was still alive. The brand intends to pay tribute to him through this collection that also bears his name. Just take a look at the bottle to realize that it’s upscale. The packaging is beautiful and the whiskey is contained in a crystal carafe. With an aging in carefully selected barrels, this whiskey develops particular aromas and flavors.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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