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Ontario wins beer tax fight planned by former government

People in Ontario know beer taxes are high, but might not know exactly how high. To the point that, every time a Canadian buys a beer, about 47% of what they pay for goes to the government.

But now Ontario beer consumers have something to cheer for after the province government had cancelled the scheduled tax regulation concerning a rise of 3 cents per liter of beer.

The beer tax was supposed to take effect on November first and was planned by the previous Liberal Party. The intended new regulation has now been revoked by the center-right Progressive Conservatives lead by Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford.

Doug Ford believes the tax halt will benefit the economy of each household in Ontario.

This tax hike is a cash grab from the hardworking people of Ontario, pure and simple…We are putting a stop to it so Ontario beer drinkers can keep more of their hard-earned money.” Doug Ford said.

Another part of society who’s grateful for the revocation are all the individuals working for or at beer manufacturers who have assured that rises on beer tax on the province strongly affect the industry and its development.

However, the issue is still a matter of debate while the Federal Government continues reviewing how beer will be sold in Ontario.


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