New financial acquisition for Corona beer brand

The Corona beer brand through Constellation Brands, a partner company recently took a stake in Canopy Growth. She is known to be specialized in the production and distribution of cannabis for medical use. The transaction proved successful as Constellation Brands announced that it had made unrealized gains of over $ 1 billion as a result of the purchase of the actions.

It is important to note that with the investment made, Canopy Growth shares have had a rather positive spiral with an increase of more than 285 %. This partly explains the success of Constellation Brands’ financial acquisition. This operation is part of an expansion strategy for the company. Constellation Brands CEO Rob Sands makes it clear in these words: “we’re not a company that’s sitting around waiting for some element of our business to turn down or get bad before we take action”. The company thus benefits from a favourable dynamic of the cannabis sector to launch a resolutely offensive positioning.


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