A bartender robot in Montreal already in service

A bartender, everyone has already seen. But have you ever met a robot behind the bar? It’s called R1 B1 and it’s the first professional and interactive bartender robot. If you go to the restaurant “The XVI XVI” of Montreal, you will have the pleasure of making you serve dream cocktails by this friendly humanoid robot.

The bartender of the future from today

He is a robot with dexterity and incredible skill. Designed by a team of passionate developers, roboticists and designers, this robot will surprise you with its skills. He masters how to prepare a lot of different cocktails. What he does with skill while holding interesting conversations with customers. And it is not just about making cocktails or talking. If you doubt about a cocktail or another, R1 can be a good advisor for you. He also knows how to set the mood by dancing and putting on good music. In short, R1 B1 is everything an ordinary bartender does but with more class. With R1 B1, it’s a whole new way to party that is invented.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly

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