A beer brewed from an old Tasmanian wreck

After centuries at the bottom of the sea off Tasmania’s treacherous north coast, the bottled beer found on Sydney Cove’s submerged merchant ship is being renewed and brewed.

In 1796, the colonial trading company Campbell and Clark ordered the Sydney Cove to sail from Calcutta, India to Port Jackson, with a cargo of supplies including beer, wine and spirits, as well as essential supplies such as grain and timber. Unfortunately the ship sank off the north coast of Tasmania.

However, the ship may not have made it to Sydney, but the remaining beer survived for about 200 years under the icy seabed. Thanks to a partnership between the Launceston Museum and the Australian brewery James Squire, the beer is back: renewed and brewed!

A beer brewed from an old Tasmanian wreck

As the museum team had proved that historical yeast was still alive, a partnership with the Australian Wine Research Institute followed. Their national laboratory in Adelaide helped to isolate the yeast for commercial production. Be aware that a contemporary commercial yeast nowadays would have died in a few weeks.

Congratulations to the historical yeast !

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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