A fragrant cocktail at the Prince of Wales’ bar in Paris

Florian Thireau, mixologist at the Prince of Wales’ bar in Paris, invites his clients to live a new experience.
Indeed, Florian offers you a cocktail served in a magnificent bottle (similar to those of luxury perfumes). “90% of what you taste, you breathe in, you really feel the aromas by smelling them” he asserts.
With Jean-Charles Sommerard, master perfumer, we have linked our two worlds, the gustatory and the olfactory. Each cocktail inspired a fragrance. In the bar, you can taste Timur (gin, red Martini, Campari…), Divine (Suze, champagne, ylang-ylang…) or Mina (rose, almond, grapefruit, gin…), before smelling the perfume associated with it.
The senses are truly stimulated: what seduces our taste buds is usually breathed in with delight. Cypre accords for the first, a more floral profile for the second, more vegetal notes for the last… the experience is unique.
The bottles, at a price of 95€, are sold at the concierge service.

Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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