A special delivery on the beach of Saint Tropez

The visitors present on the beach of Saint Tropez witnessed a little unusual show, a delivery of a bottle of rosé by a drone. Initiated by the cooperative of Maîtres Vignerons installed in Saint Tropez, this action is an operation of seduction towards those who frequent the beaches of this municipality of the Southeast of France. For this, it is the vintage wine Elegance of the Mas of Pampelonne that was chosen.

The domain was created in 1886 at the instigation of Florentine Gal. By now, Camille Coste took over the reins and made it, a reference in the region. The issue of this delivery by drone, ensure that the tourists become aware of the closeness of vineyards situated unless a kilometre. Indeed, this location of the domain of the Mas of Pampelonne which extends over 15 hectares played a lot in this strategy. The route of the drone is illustrated in video, redrawing its departure since vineyards until its arrival on the beach.


Don’t drink and drive. Enjoy responsibly.

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